Swiftness at high quality? Absolutely!

High-tech at your disposal...

Mitschke Kunststoffwerk ensures that your highly complex plastic parts und plastic systems are manufactured perfectly, whether in high volume production or small batch sizes.
Apart from our staff’s excellent knowledge, extraordinary qualtities like antistatic, acid and base resistance, or optimal fire resistance in particular need specialized machinery. You thus profit from the highest possible quality in manufacturing, processing, look, and durability.

When 32.000kN gently hug plastics...

On 5000m² of production space, Mitschke Kunststoffwerk produces thermoplastic plastic parts between 1g and 30.000g. Without difficulties, we realize part measurements between 10mm and 2200mm for you.
For the processing of such different dimensions and material qualities, we provide you with state-of-the-art machinery. We employ injection molding machines with a closing force of 400-32.000kN. Thanks to our self-checking hot water tempering devices which include an interface at the injection molding machine, the production result is of a particularly high quality. Since our quick connector systems for the cooling water supply are specifically directed to our needs, we reach high standards in setup and production quality.

For your own safety – certified quality on the highest level...

Our services must provide our customers with a clear advantage, particularly regarding quality, cost, swiftness, and delivery reliability. This cannot be accomplished by merely employing state-of-the-art machinery: knowledge and know-how, grown over several decades, guarantee a rock-solid production result.
With a lot of training time and effort, we qualify our staff by imparting the latest know-how in areas like machinery, material, and production processes.
Our in-process quality management – starting with the quotation request and ending with the final assembly in-house and the refinement of plastic systems – is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Lean structures with very little administration effort get all processes going, from the planning stage to the final product.
All the materials we use meet EU standards; we have passed the registration process and can therefore present declarations of no objection according to REACH. Thus, you are safe to offer your final products on the market.

Why limit yourself?

Economic diversity to your advantage…

In preparatory meetings, we precisely establish all product requirements with you. These prerequisites define the manufacturing process. When provided with a choice here, you can be certain that your plastic parts will be produced in the most efficient way possible. Thanks to its state-of-the-art machinery, Mitschke Kunststoffwerk is able to offer you a wide range of production methods and deliver an optimally processed and economic product.

Injection molding


We are one of only a few companies that employ, for example, special screws in our injection molding machines in order to be able to guarantee the highest possible quality, even with the most demanding virgin material. Raw materials can sometimes be very demanding; therefore, Mitschke Kunststoffwerk does not inconsiderately process them in a uniform way. For example, screw geometry, influences which materials can be processed successfully. In order to be able to evaluate these relations, many years of experience are necessary. Mitschke Kunststoffwerk ensures that you will recieve an excellent product.

Co-injection process (2K injection molding)


This method and the technology of the Mitschke Kunststoffwerk are suitable whenever look and feel play a key role in conventional injection molding. Our technology allows the processing of two different materials in one production step, e.g. as a combination of a high-quality surface and a cost-efficient component core, or in plastic parts with two colors and two materials. In those cases, we also apply our material-friendly screw geometry. The result will convince you.

Multi-component injection molding


Does your design involve a combination of different materials? Do you expect a certain solidness from your product? Do heat resistance or a special surface design play the key role?
Multi-component injection molding is the answer. Thanks to the technology and the know-how provided by Mitschke Kunststoffwerk, you aditionally profit from an extremely economic solution.

Thermoplastic foam molding (TFM)

Highly creative...

Your product requires a particularly delicate surface design. The most subtle of contour accuracy has to be realized. With the thermoplastic foam molding of Mitschke Kunststoffwerk, you receive a detailed product with great inherent stability, but without disturbing sink marks. Extraordinary design flexibility even allows for different wall thicknesses and composite constructions with other materials. We are happy to lend you advice on your current project.