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Press release Eggenthal, 09/23/2016

Fire drill on 09/23/2016 at Mitschke Kunststoffwerk
Ten fire departments practice on a factory site in Eggenthal

A large-scale exercise took place on the factory site of Mitschke Kunststoffwerk in Eggenthal in the course of the Bavarian Fire Safety Week. Altogether, ten fire departments from the area took part with about 150 emergency service workers in attendance.
The officer-in-charge was fire chief Armin Ried from Eggenthal; his management team also included district fire director Markus Bamsteiner. Several scenarios were played out during the exercise, e.g. firefighting procedures for different scales and situations as well as a search for missing persons and the rescue of injured persons. In the end, the officer-in-charge as well as company management and the fire safety engineer were extremely satisfied with the large-scale drill.

Photograph: Krüger