Faster, better, more efficient!

How you can profit from the projection of plastic parts…

Mitschke Kunststoffwerk enables you to integrate high-precision plastic parts in your production process in a faster, better, safer, and more economic way.

We have gained our projection expert knowledge over decades and aim our manufacturing technologies uncompromisingly at technological progress, thus ensuring your profiting from a more efficient production.

Fast decisions and short running processes, combined with our in-house tool and form making guarantee you the flexibility you need to design your product.

This website tells you all you need to know in order to achieve the highest possible quality for your objectives.

We invite you to take a closer look and get to know us. We are always happy to help you with a definite project or general questions concerning the manufacturing of plastic parts.

You will be surprised to learn about the advantages the material plastic has to offer if processed by specialists in this particular field.