Your project in capable hands!

May we introduce ourselves…

Mitschke GmbH & Co Kunststoffwerk KG enables you to integrate high-complex plastic parts in your production process in a faster, better, safer, and more economic way

Maximum quality due to decades of experience…

The family business, founded in 1965, is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. We process all kinds of thermoplastic plastics and blends for your project. Highly complex technical plastic parts between 1g and 30.000g, and measurements between 10mm and 2200mm, are manufactured on 5000m² of production space. In this connection, it is extraneous if we are dealing with a customer-specific high- or low-volume production. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and our highly qualified und experienced personnel, we are able to provide your plastic parts with the necessary and profitable properties for your project.

We feel a responsibility to protect our environment, and therefore advocate an eco-friendly and resource-saving production. We have committed ourselves to this in our company guidelines. The certification according to DIN EN 14001:2015 documents that Mitschke GmbH&Co Kunststoffwerk KG has introduced an environmental management system and uses it responsibly. What's in it for you? The good feeling of being able to install clean components in your products.

Very close to you…

Our European and international customers mainly belong to sectors like the building industry, engineering, the tool industry, the electrical industry, the electronic industry, the photo industry, heating engineering, ventilation engineering, air-conditioning, medical technology, the furniture industry, cabinet production, container production, case production, applications in the chemical industry, aeronautical engineering, and vehicle construction. With Mitschke Kunststoffwerk, they do not only benefit from our high-quality products and consulting services, but also from the just-in-time logistics solutions with Kanban and Edifact.

Our history…

1965 Foundation of the molding company Mitschke GmbH & Co Kunststoffwerk KG by Eberhard Mitschke
1972 Production is expanded with the first injection molding machine with a closing force of 1000t
1982 Establishment of and investment in company-owned, strategically important tool shop
1985 Andreas Mitschke joins the company
1988 Occupation of the first company-owned production hall
1989 Production is expanded by introducing own assembly department, which offers diverse possibilities in product finishing
1993 New storage building is constructed
2000 New production hall is built and machinery is expanded to a closing force of 2000t. Construction of new tool making hall
2004 Tool shop machinery is expanded with a 5-axis milling machine for mold construction
2006 Construction of a new shipping department with 2500m² of storage space
2008 Sales increased by 40% since 2006; today, the company has more than 100 employees
2010 Motor pool is expanded with own vehicles
2011 Assembly is extended; machinery is expanded with a 5-axis milling machine
2012 Paint shop machinery is expanded extensively. Mitschke Kunststoffwerk is chosen as a worldwide supply partner by a major international corporation. The company now has more than 150 employees
2013 Wide expansion of the Mitschke Kunstoffwerk production area along with extensive machinery investment in our tool shop.
2014 Production hall is expanded again, as well as our machinery to a closing force of 3200t.
2015 Mitschke GmbH & Co. Kunststoffwerk KG celebrates its 50th company anniversary on September 25, 2015
2017Expansion of the machine park in the injection molding shop with additional machines with a closing force of up to 2000 tons
2018Expansion of the machine park in production and tool shop
2020After 55 years, the company's founder, Mr. Eberhard Mitschke, retires from the company's management and hands over the reins to Mr. Andreas Mitschke
2021Expansion of the logistics capacity by 3000 m² of storage space with an office in the Kempten external warehouse