How can you, too, be so sure?

Find out how freedom of choice can lead to a reliable design…

Mitschke Kunststoffwerk offers you perfect solutions for the development of fail-safe plastic parts – fast and inexpensively. Based on the CAD data you provide, we produce conclusive work pieces via rapid prototyping – without any manual detours. The methods we can provide you with are just as distinct as every individual plastic part.

Are you carrying out a market or design study? Mitschke Kunststoffwerk helps you with the development of your design model.

If you want to make absolutely sure that a highly complex plastic part is integrated precisely into your production process, we will produce a functional prototype using close-to-production material and manufacturing methods.

You would like to optimize your production process even further? Mitschke Kunststoffwerk can offer you another conclusive method: with the pilot production prototype you receive as many plastic parts as you need to optimize your process. These parts are manufactured using the series-manufacturing method, standard mold, and series-material.

Prototypes simplify and accelerate your project. At the same time, this precursor prototype contributes to securing your success. This is the only way to ensure that a plastic part has the functional and ergonomic characteristics as well as the exact fit you need for your final product. We are the one-stop shop for your project! No detours, no delays! Inexpensive and fast.

Do you want certainty right now? Then contact us immediately!