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The captain passes the helm

Generational shift at Mitschke GmbH & Co Kunststoffwerk KG

After 55 entrepreneurial years, Eberhard Mitschke retires from company management.

What started as a two-man firm in 1965 has developed into a remarkable success story. Today, Eberhard Mitschke has turned the former start-up into a medium-sized business that supplies German, European, and other international customers from numerous industries and of all sizes with highly complex plastic parts.

True to the motto “Perfection cast from a single mold”, Eberhard Mitschke has continuously and uncompromisingly geared his company and the production process in particular on technological progress. He realized early on that staff orientation and development would prove to be strategic key factors. Today, more than 170 highly motivated employees handle the processing of plastics in all its facets.

In 1985, Andreas Mitschke joined the business and since then has formed a harmonious partnership with Eberhard Mitschke. Over the last 35 years, Andres Mitschke has grown into his executive position and has internalized the company’s DNA.
Now, Andreas Mitschke has taken over the helm from Eberhard Mitschke and will continue his life’s work as sole managing director. (as)

Press release Eggenthal, 12/31/2020

Mitschke Kunststoffwerk takes part in 13th holiday program

Students and their parents visit Mitschke Kunststoffwerk

In 2020, the regional communities of Eggenthal, Friesenried, Baisweil, and Irsee again organized the now 13th annual holiday program for children and youth. Despite these COVID 19-affected times, more than 30 events organized by clubs, companies, and private initiatives were on offer.

Mitschke GmbH & Co Kunststoffwerk KG is an important partner for the region and is traditionally closely connected to the people in the surrounding communities. It was therefore a matter of course for the company to open its doors for everyone interested on 24 August. Students and their parents were not only able to take part in a factory tour and learn about the production processes and the company’s impressive technology. There was also enough time to gather information about the numerous training opportunities Mitschke has to offer. During the whole event, of course, hygiene guidelines were strictly adhered to. The numerous visitors, young and old, were very happy with their day at Mitschke’s. Together with our whole staff here at Mitschke Gmbh & Co Kunststoffwerk KG, we are already looking forward to next year’s holiday program – hopefully under better circumstances! (as)

Press release Eggenthal, 8/24/2020

Mitschke Kunststoffwerk expands production capacity

Top-notch injection molding technology now in operation

Faster – better – more efficient!

This is a central guideline at Mitschke Kunststoffwerk. On the global market, where Mitschke sustains its position successfully, the staff always have to be up to date – just like the machinery. This is why Mitschke, with regard to investments, is always oriented towards the latest technology. One such example is the M1 which has now been put in operation and provides significant advantages due to its cascade control, amongst other things. But even with a major investment like this, the environment is not an afterthought: the new machine generates a greater output with less energy consumption than before! After all, Mitschke Kunststoffwerk is committed to protecting the environment. For this reason the company reliably stands for environmentally and resource-friendly production.

The investment cycle is completed by a state-of-the-art milling machine for the tool shop. The increased output makes the production expansion possible and is necessary in order to meet the demand for Mitschke Kunststoffwerk’s products. With this new acquisition we were also able to decrease emission values and reduce the energy needed for production.

The company management’s significant strategic decision to acquire these two machines also leads to the need for more staff, thus helping to secure Eggenthal’s position as an industrial location. (as)

Press release Eggenthal, 7/30/2019